Sustainable Water Resources by Cory Huneau

As part of the Sustainable Water Resources Grand Challenge Research Communication Scholarship, I designed a visual graphic using the collaborative web-based graphics editing software, Figma, to communicate an overview of this project. The figure depicts the workflow for both long-term and near-real-time risk assessment, which includes near-term early flood warning and long-term decision making for infrastructure projects and education. The graphic uses symbols to depict various aspects of the project, such as types of input data and computational models used within the workflow. Ultimately, Wildfires and post-wild-fire flooding has significantly impacted Indigenous communities across New Mexico in recent years. Together with the Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, researchers from the University of New Mexico are co-designing and deploying Low-Cost Efficient Wireless Intelligent Sensors (LEWIS). Data from the LEWIS sensors, combined with flood risk modeling, can then inform the Pueblo of Ohkay Owingeh of near- and long-term environmental data trends that can help monitor and mitigate impacts from potential post-wildfire flooding events. By creating a graphic summary of the project, the interconnections between data, models, and actions are more clearly communicated to a non-technical audience.

Created by: Coty Huneau