Science to Art

Tap Into Water: Bottle or Faucet Animation

Have you ever wondered whether you should drink tap or bottled water? Check out this animation comparing the two. Which one do you drink?

This animation was completed as part of the University of New Mexico’s Grand Challenges: Sustainable Water Resources. Research and animation was done by the Environment-Focused Learning Academy, a project of the Southwest Environmental Finance Center (SW EFC).

See the full white paper this animation was based upon if you want to dive deep into a comparison between tap and bottled water.

Sacred Water by Mallery Quetawki

The meaning behind the design below, designed specifically for EFLA, is all about water.

At the top, the lines that look like stairs, are cloud designs. The arrows represent a form of power and life-giving abilities. Allowing chlorine into the water gives it power as much as the rainbird design inside the droplet does for our Native belief systems. The rainbird is a figure recognized among the Pueblos as a protector and messenger for water makers. As you see, even when adding chlorine the rainbird remains, not taking away the power in which Native communities give water. The bottom design is a design for flowing water and that it brings more to our fields and our wells.

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